How Product Samples Inspire Confidence

Giving away samples of products is something the food & drink industry and the beauty industry have been doing for many years. It allows potential customers to become familiar with the product so that when the final purchasing decision is made, customers know exactly what they’re getting. 

This familiarity and knowledge are paramount when it comes to larger items, where the spend is likely to be much greater. Nothing compares to being able to examine the physical product, to check it and test it to make sure it’s fit for purpose.

For instance, when placing an order, having the confidence that the products will perform as intended, you may wish to carry out testing such as: line bending, moulding, drilling, cutting etc which is usually difficult with smaller samples with free issue. As a result Evonasa listened to our customers and now offer free acrylic samples at 1,000 x 750mm which is large enough to allow such testing to check the high quality of the plastic sheet.

Although even before the sample product reaches you, it has already undergone a rigorous testing process. Drawing on our industry experience and listening to what our customers deem important, we conduct a range of stringent tests, designed to ensure each sheet is of a consistently high quality standard. All of these tests are carried out by independent external laboratories and consider a number of key factors, including: 

• Light transmission

• Surface quality

• Thickness variation

• Protective film type and level of adhesion

• Weathering performance

This robust QA procedure allows us to source products from around the world, from long standing and trusted manufacturers. We are confident in the quality of our product and we want our customers to be, too!