3 Tips to not get stung by poor quality material

Over the last year, you may have heard horror stories of businesses being “stung” by spending thousands on acrylic sheeting for use as barrier screens … only to discover the product fell well below standard and was not fit for purpose.  

This has caused both concern and confusion – because acrylic is acrylic is acrylic, isn’t it? Unfortunately, no.   

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) – acrylic - is a thermoplastic material.  Versatile, quick to install, and with excellent clarity, it is one of the most popular choices for barrier screening.  Its resistance to heat and scratches makes it perfect for high-use areas such as offices, supermarkets and vaccinations hubs.  

But not all acrylic is equal.  In the first lockdown, the demand for plastic sheeting massively outstripped supply and companies needing to make their premises covid-secure began to source supplies from across the world - but without fully appreciating the vast variation in quality that could occur.  For instance, the transparency and stability of the product can be easily compromised if the raw manufacturing materials are not in themselves of the best quality or are not used in the correct quantities.  The variation in sheet thickness, UV weather testing to 500 hours, light transmission, surface quality and the type, thickness and adhesion levels of protective film/masking are all standard tests conducted in an independent external laboratory for Evonasa to ensure a high level of material is always offered.

To avoid costly mistakes and buy with confidence, it’s essential to look for a supplier with not only a robust (and trusted) supply chain but one that is focussed on the quality.  At Evonasa, all of our plastic sheeting is laboratory tested to ensure it meets the highest specifications.  And with our decades of experience in the industry, we’re happy to offer advice and assistance to make sure the product you purchase suits the exact needs of your business. Samples for testing that come from specific production runs is a great way to test that the material performs as required. Sample sizes vary from A4 to 1,000x750mm so please don’t hesitate to request a sample.