5 Ways to Good Company Culture

Good company culture has always been an important piece of the jigsaw in creating a dynamic and vibrant workplace.  But with us all working remotely, maintaining this has become something of a challenge. 

Here are five ideas to help build and support a resilient company culture during Covid:

  1. Remember we’re all in this together. First and foremost, acknowledge that everyone is still in an adjustment period.  Lockdowns and tier systems have meant we have all had to adapt and then re-adapt.  With home schooling, intergenerational households, and working from home, there are now even more time pressures and extra demands on all of us.  A little understanding can go a long way.
  1. Stay in touch. Working from home can be lonely and isolating, so keeping in touch with colleagues is vital.  Ensuring everyone is involved and encouraging greater collaboration will prevent that feeling of being cut off and disconnected from the team.  Managers and team leaders should prioritise giving feedback on work carried out and respond promptly to any queries and concerns, just as they would in the office environment. 
  1. Ensure the technology is working. For everyone to be engaged and productive when working remotely, the resources and technology available must work for them and not become a hinderance!  Investing where needed to ensure efficient and reliable technology is essential to getting the best out of your team.  Establish an easy but effective way for colleagues to work together, to share knowledge, and ask questions. Some examples include, Written: Slack, WhatsApp, Monday.com etc, Video: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.
  1. Create a community. Pre-covid, it was excellent practice for colleagues to be able to interact professionally and socially.  This sense of community, of everyone working together, needs to be nurtured carefully in the current climate.  Having the opportunity to socialise in the same way you would in an office environment is crucial to keeping people connected and engaged. 
  1. Define goals and values – for both the company and for the employees. Working remotely means employees can easily feel ‘left out on a limb’ so reinforcing the mission statement and values is a reminder of the company’s focus.  Employees also need to be clear on their own goals and strategies to feel confident in carrying out work with a greater level of autonomy and independence. Question: Do you monitor KPIs and do you have a brand strategy? Reach out to Megan Matthews at Instinct Brand Equity to put you on the right path to establish your branding.

During lockdown everything may take a little more effort than usual but by ensuring that everyone can continue to contribute effectively to the work of the organisation, there is the opportunity to not only maintain good company culture but also to encourage it to grow.

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